Racing Silencers
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Chambered Muffler Technology


1 Power chamber
The engineered shape and size of the Power Chamber of the muffler creates a ‘negative pressure’ that helps scavenge the exhaust gases from the engine. This scavenging effect provides better cylinder clearing and volumetric efficiency from the engine. This leads to improved horsepower and torque using the same amount of fuel.
2Delta Flow Technology
The patented Delta Flow technology inside the Power Chamber of the muffler aids the scavengng of the exhaust gases as well as superior sound control using three very carefully engneered Delta-shqred deflectors.
Placement of these Delta plates is critical to the operation of the muffler as well as the sound quality, and specifications require tolerances of +/- 0.004″- the most stringent in the exhaust industry. Only Flowmaster uses equipment that can accurately measure and consistently place these components correctly.
3Low Pressure Balance chamber
Like the Power Chamber, the Low Pressure Balance Chamber is very carefully engineered and sized to allow clean exhaust flow from the muffler to the tailpipe, while providing an anti-reversion barrier to help block atmospheric pressure from entering the muffler. This allows the muffler to operate at maximum efficiency to deliver the best possible performance.